Clubs Related to Business Studies at NYU

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Business and Politics Group

Practices a teamwork and community centered approach to discussing the practical implications of politics and business decisions.





Economics Honors Society

Encourages awareness of key economic issues through professional luncheons, guest speakers, and networking events in the fields of economics, business, law and finance. *Students must apply.





Entrepreneurial Exchange Group

Focuses on students recognizing their full leadership potential by advocating uniqueness, active discussion, life application, and passion before compensation.

Dana Crystal





Finance Society

Committed to presenting opportunities for upperclassman to prepare for careers in investment banking, sales and trading, equity research, private wealth management, and capital markets.

Sameen Singh





Gallatin Business Club

Seeks to inspire an entrepreneurial spirit by showcasing business opportunities from a variety of growing industries.

Jon Chan





Information Systems Society

For students interested in technological advances in the workplace and beyond.

Sriram Satish





International Business Association

Promotes global thinking in business, professional, and academic life.





Investment Analysis Group

Mimics the environment and atmosphere of a complete equities research firm. 

Tushar Jain (TJ)






Liberal Arts Advisory Board

Seeks to connect liberal arts students with the Wasserman Center and with employers from a variety of industries.





Management Consulting Group

Inspires strategic thinking within the Stern student body and acts as a primary resource for students interested in consulting.

Elspeth Ong and Tom Chen





Net Impact

Seeks to understand the social and ethical impact of business decisions and offers opportunities to foster discussions on creative advocacy for change.  

Rachael Rho and Bethany Halbriech





NYU Community Fund

Organizes internship opportunities at local non-profit organizations through the university's charitable giving program.

Bill Pfeiffer





Pride Corp

Desires to promote awareness of diversity and LGBT issues within workplace environments.

Andie QH Goh





Stern Accounting Society


Focuses on creating awareness of the limitless possibilities of accounting studies.

Gloria Ng





Stern Business and Law Association

Helps prepare students for diverse professions utilizing an education in law and business by enhancing members' understanding of the legal system and its impact on business measures. 

Christeen Rico





Stern Business Ethics Society

Focuses on helping students think through ethical implications of business practices.





Stern Professional Development Society

Highlights key skills for career development and guides students through topics such as interviewing, internships, and work-life balance.

Jenny Yu





Stern Real Estate Group

Hosts events and workshops, including weekly meetings, to enlighten students with a realistic perspective of the real estate industry.






Stern-Tisch Entertainment Business Association

Provides a forum for students to interact with industry professionals, and encourages a broader academic agenda intertwining business and the arts.

Michelle Lin and Samson Feldman





The Marketing Society

Presents opportunities for students to become more knowledgeable about the field of marketing through events, networking, and company visits.

Bonnie Ding





Undergraduate Stern Women in Business

Creates a networking and mentoring environment to foster support and acknowledgement of women's issues within the workplace.

Alexandra Sorrentino





Wasserman Center for Career Development

Hosts a plethora of workshops, skills seminars, resume reviews, corporate recruiting events, and professional initiatives to provide students with opportunities for gaining life skills and career direction.

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